Craft club – July

This month we decided to make use of the good weather and bright evening and hold a socially distanced craft club. Meeting in small groups in members gardens we did a knit and natter. It was so nice to see other people other than on a Zoom call.

July Meeting – Edible Sculptures

At our meeting this month we attempted edible sculpting. Some of the wonderful and inventive sculptures below. It was great to see everyone who joined us for our virtual meeting – thank you to all those who joined in the challenge to build something (anything!) out of edible materials. There were no prizes on offer but plenty of giggles as to inspiration and the challenges of construction. Can you tell which one is the Eiffel Tower or the Guggenheim museum?

July Meeting – Edible Sculptures

This month we are building something (anything!) out of edible materials in advance of our get together. We will be sharing photos of our constructions at our virtual meeting on the 13th July. It’s all a bit of fun and no need to worry about creating anything too complicated or intricate!

I look forward to seeing the images.

Kate – VicePresident